Our Mission

To inspire people and honor places that are the blessings of our nation’s legacy, extended by green missionfor safety, health and welfare of the humanity in the built-environment.

Our Goals

Designed to demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s capacity and the world efforts through its national and international policies for the environmental impact of the built environment from generation to generation.

Our Objectives

Demonstrating the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world towards sustainable development.

Leading the change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Assigning the principles. meghodaligues and applications of green buildings and sustainability.

Empowering people, decent work and equality in the sectors of sustainable development.

Preparing and issuing technical studies induced by digital databasing.

Highlight the importance of responsible consumption and production practices.

Acknowledging strong institutions, issuing, certification/ rating marks for excellence by saaf®️.

Enhancing mutual partnerships and representation with national and international bodies, councils and committees.