About SGBF

Our Mission

To inspire people and honor places that are the blessings of our nation’s legacy, extended by green mission for safety, health and welfare of the humanity in the built-environment.

Our Goals

Designed to demonstrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s capacity and the world efforts through its national and international policies for the environmental impact of the built environment from generation to generation.

Our Objectives

To aid the development of regulations and implementation of Green Building rating systems LEED® by US Green Building Council

Promote the comprehensive collection of standards and specifications for Green Building such as IgCC® by International Code Council in Saudi Arabia and across the Arab region

Strengthen relations among industry stakeholders from public to private

Deliver information, analysis and insights green projects through high-quality workshops from students to professionals

Promote Green Building concepts and identify positive policies and implementation relevant to Saudi and the Arab world that preserves culture heritage and expand urban development while incorporating new technological advancements

Assure Project Management Office (PMO) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies based on Green Building guidance

Our team

Khaled bin Alwaleed

I am honored indeed to join as chairman of the elected SGBF Trustee Board and look forward to working with stakeholders in the global environmental movement.

Prince Khaled, a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, an entrepreneur and founder of KBW Investments

Faisal Alfadl

SGBF members aim to boost the culture of green building by fostering concepts of sustainability, human health, and the natural environment.

Architect Faisal, an active volunteer in full capacity for the planet's future sustainability and founder of Green Award.

Our Partners

SAUDI GREEN BUILDING FORUM continue to partner with champions aligning its goals, mission and objectives for global green future.


Partnership with USGBC for International roundtable the world's leading independent organizations evaluating, enhancing and honoring projects that are Green Building.


Regional partner with 22 Arabic code councils with ICC the member-focused association is dedicated to developing model codes and standard for safety, health and environment.


SGBF an NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC operates at the centre of the UN system's work on all three pillars of sustainable development—economic, social and environmental. ... As the umbrella for the UN's functional and regional commissions, and operational and specialized agencies, it links the setting of global norms with their implementation.