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World green building trends in 2016: Motivators and obstacles

Last month, USGBC announced the results of research by Dodge Data and Analytics, with which USGBC has partnered, in the World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report.

Friday Roundup: Making the world's game greener, Broadway likes LEED


Here's our weekly collection of green building clips:

Green Goals Set for Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums, Environment News Service. FIFA is hosting several workshops in Brazil as it works to make sustainability a focal point of the upcoming World Cup.

World green building trends in 2016: More nations, more projects

A wider sample

Friday Roundup: Building green in the Kingdom, Philadelphia's Platinum neighborhood

Here’s our weekly collection of green building clips:

‘Green buildings’ concept takes root in KingdomArab News. USGBC CEO Rick Fedrizzi visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to laud progress made and encourage further action.

Saudi Green Building Forum joins LEED International Roundtable

The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) has become the newest member of USGBC’s LEED International RoundtableFaisal Alfadl, Secretary General of the King Saud Foundation and founder of SGBF, which is also a USGBC Education Partner, recently sat down with us for an interview.

Session Spotlight: Extreme Building Envelope Design in Saudi Arabia

Picture this: It’s 115°F outside. There’s a dust storm sweeping through the city and it hasn’t rained in weeks.

Now: Design an optimally performing building.

World green building trends in 2016: Motivators and obstacles

Motivators for green building

New data reveals that client demand is the top trigger for green building activity, having grown from 35 percent in 2012 to 40 percent in 2015. This shows that building owners recognize the benefits of green, and this recognition is a major driver of green market growth globally. In addition, environmental regulations also grew in importance from the previous data set, driven by a high response from a few regions, including India, Singapore and the U.K.