saaf® Green Building, The Environmental Award Program

Saudi Green Building Forum | Friday, October 6, 2017

The saaf® certification, an application (online based) for general registration (unverified), verification (existing certification) and certification (a reading system) comply with ISO/IEC 17065 requirements for bodies certifying (Products, Processes, and Services).

The saaf® certification is a registered trademark of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia, it include process as a scientific and technical services, research, registration of documentation to be achieved by professionals and products/ services of construction materials for buildings and their applications design and implementation, operation and removal, allows the using of saaf® label in one of the following areas 1 / People 2 / Products and Services 3 / Projects to take advantage of the documentation for the security and safety and human health and the environment for the benefit of (individuals or institutions) who are authorized to carry a label saaf®سعف after the commitment to technical conditions and pay the fee within a certain period after the annual periodical technical staff access technical inspection and to ensure conformity of technical specifications of green Buildings and continue to match the production specifications and standard.